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My life as an artist. General, interesting information and images documenting my past and present activities and friends.

A passion for art via Art Appreciation classes, online and live group and individual learning for pleasure.

I had a painting accepted for exhibition for the prestigious B.P. Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, London, UK. Please contact me for a portrait commission consultation.

special events and offers 

Happy Art. We talk about the composition, the meaning and intent of the artist, how the artist conveys his message and emotions through his paintwork. We explore how to engage with the painting on a personal level and how we may articulate those thoughts. No materials or prior knowledge required. You can book individual sessions or a block of sessions. Please contact me for a chat with no obligation to book a session.

1 free introduction session of 1 hour. Further sessions of 1 1/2 hours duration. No foreknowledge required just enthusiasm and open mind. We discuss a wide range of art and artists in an informative, enlightening way for pleasure. Tuition is delivered live online using Zoom Video Conferencing or FB Rooms. Please feel free to contact me for a non committed chat.

I am a professional artist with nearly 30 years of experience of art teaching and art appreciation. I have a passion for art and I like to present my talks in an easy to understand, informative, fun and engaging way. I will look at how the artist has conveyed the meaning of the painting, by looking at the structure of the composition and the paintwork. I will explain how to read the painting and how to engage with the painting on a personal level.

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